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Tepperman's Sarnia

By: fieldsofgold | July 29, 2014

Just bought a new dining room set this afternoon! Chris Hellinga was very laid back & easy going. He introduced himself & let me do my thing (turning chairs upside down to inspect the quality) & didn't even ask why! When I had questions regarding price, delivery, etc. he was right on top of it. Good job Chris!

Then Kim guided me through the finance end with ease. This probably my 4th or 5th purchase @ this store - without any trouble whatsoever! She was so friendly!

I also met the manager & mentioned that my son was a Teppermans Scholarship winner back around 2000/2001. He is now headed to Fanshawe this September on a free ride, thanks to the Tepperman family & some luck!

Steven Elnicki

J Platt Rug Co. In Oakville

By: non-member | December 1, 2011

I bought a beautiful 6x9 handwoven in wool modern rug from them. I love the 'Le Corbusier' or ' Bauhaus' influence in the design...anyway, they've been designing and making rugs in Toronto since the 1970's in Toronto and are now in Oakville. The quality of the weaving was really impressive, and the designs were one of a kind, really modern with art deco elements and some really minimal uder-stated designs..... which caught my eye. I've had two dinner parties so far, and the few drops of red wine came out really easily because it's 100% Fine,I am also happy about that issue.
The owners, Joe and Mark are really knowledgeable, friendly and helpful and I also found the prices to be atleast 30 or 60% less than Elte's or Weaver's Art in Toronto.....I went there too but found their rugs to be way to expensive for me. I would highly recommend visiting this rug shop in Oakville. 9/10

Horrible Service at Heartland Location

By: non-member | December 17, 2010

The salesperson was completely useless and more interested in clock watching than to customer needs.

I saw some interesting items but I was unable to view and was certainly put out with the salesperson's lack of interest.

I felt if the company does not care about customer service then I will go to a store that does. Which I did and this company is the loser.

Serious lack of customer service and...

By: lolithki | April 20, 2010

Our sales person was more concerned with helping his girlfriend deal with bad service from her gym, which was a great irony two weeks later when we needed our flooring delivered and they left half of it at the store after we specified and verified with them that our first lino cuts and carpet cuts would be delivered on time and together. They argued with me that they did not make the mistake and that it was mine, and gave me a lame excuse of since they weren't installing it they didn't think we wanted it delivered. I guess booking and paying for delivery doesn't mean that we want it delivered. Then I was told that the missing flooring would be here the next morning and that they would call, well two days went by and no flooring arrived or any phone calls. I am now paying my installer even more money to go and pick up the missing flooring.

I have been trying to talk to someone in their corporate office but the lack of customer service at the store level certainly...


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